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June 13, 2014

Dalton attorney convicted of forgery

A Dalton attorney was convicted Thursday of first-degree forgery by a jury in a Rome court, according to Floyd County District Attorney Leigh Patterson.

Patterson said Lyle Vincent Anderson was convicted of two counts of forgery but the judge merged the two counts for sentencing purposes.

“He was given a sentence of four years, to serve six months in prison (with the rest on probation),” said Patterson. “He also received a $2,500 fine.”

Patterson said Anderson had unsuccessfully sued a former client, Paul Ware, for fees he claimed he was owed.

“During the trial, here in Rome, Mr. Anderson produced a business card purported to be from Ware Enterprises with Mr. Ware’s signature along with a fee,” said Patterson.

A handwriting expert testified during the civil trial that Ware’s signature on the card was a forgery.

“We presented the same handwriting expert that Mr. Ware presented at the civil trial, who went through a pretty thorough analysis showing that this was not Mr. Ware’s signature,” said Patterson.

Anderson’s attorney, Jerry Moncus, said Anderson was disappointed with the verdict but is prepared to try to have it overturned.

“We already discussed a motion for a new trial and an appeal, and I will file that as soon as we have a copy of the sentence,” Moncus said.


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