February 2, 2014

Varnell seeks city manager

Charles Oliver
charlesoliver@daltoncitizen.comVarnell seeks city manager

— Varnell City Council members say the city needs a city manager, and they want to bring one in as quickly as they can.

They started running ads in The Daily Citizen last week seeking someone with “a basic knowledge of city government operations, knowledge of preparing an annual budget, finance skills, basic computer skills to include finance software, community minded and day-to-day management experience.”

The deadline for applications is Tuesday.

“We currently have a part-time project manager,” said Mayor Anthony Hulsey. “But that’s a big job. We need someone there day-to-day full time.”

But was basically a week enough time to get the word out and for candidates to submit their résumés and applications?

“That’s a valid concern,” said City Council member Jan Pourquoi. “My answer to that is the city is under the gun. We have been without a city manager for several months. We (the council) are currently putting together the 2014 budget. We need someone to start as quickly as we can.”

The previous city manager, Jason Hall, stepped down in March 2013, just over two years after taking the position, after council members began looking into his use of city-issued credit cards. Last month, Pourquoi asked the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office for an investigation of Hall for possible misuse of city funds. Sheriff Scott Chitwood said the sheriff’s office has asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to assist in that investigation.

City Council member Ashlee Godfrey said she is confident the city can find “quality candidates.”

“But if for some reason we can’t find a quality candidate, I’m sure we’ll post the position again,” she said.

The council is not advertising a salary or salary range for the position. Members say that’s something they’ll negotiate with any candidate they offer the position to. Hall was paid $50,000 a year.