December 4, 2012

Hogan lauded for service to rescue squad

Misty Watson

— If it wasn’t for Oran Hogan’s hard work, the Murray County Rescue Squad wouldn’t be what it is today, many of the volunteers say.

Hogan, who has volunteered with the rescue squad for 40 years, was honored with a retirement reception on Monday night at the senior center.

“He dedicated all his time to it,” said Doug Flood, who is now director. “It’s going to be a lot different without him. If it hadn’t been for Oran, it wouldn’t be what it is today.”

The rescue squad began in 1969. Hogan joined in 1972 and became director in 1981. He retired from the state Department of Transportation in 1986. The squad is funded by the county, but is comprised of all volunteers. Currently there are 29.

They respond to most emergency calls, including searching for lost hikers, looking for anyone who has been lost on water, help with wrecks and transport emergency personnel to work in case of a natural disaster. They also provide hospital beds and wheelchairs to people in need.

As director, Hogan improved the squad’s equipment, including obtaining radios, volunteers said. Under him, the squad also obtained the Hurst Rescue System 1 Gremlin, which according to members of the squad, is the only one still in operation. The Gremlin, a 1970s-era car, is equipped with tools to assist during a rescue, such as the Jaws of Life.

He raised me and taught me everything I know,” said Kenny Hunt, Hogan’s grandson who is also a member of the rescue squad. “He’s one of a kind, the greatest man I know. They don’t make many like him. He’s my hero.”

Hunt’s son, Zack, has also recently become a member of the squad.

“It’s a family tradition,” Kenny Hunt said. “I don’t know what we’d do without it.”

Hogan said his time with the rescue squad “has been a great, great blessing” and “very rewarding.”

Hogan said he is retiring due to his declining health.

“Rescue is in good hands,” he said. “I recommended Doug. He’ll do a good job. I’ll be around. They can call me if they need me.”