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January 2, 2014

Hog wild

Boars causing damage in Dalton

Residents of one neighborhood in Dalton didn’t just start the New Year with hog jowls but with at least three feral hogs.

“They are in the area of Dozier Street, right off Grimes Street. We’ve been able to locate them but not capture them,” said Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office Maj. John Gibson.

The sheriff’s office handles animal control for the city of Dalton.

Gibson said the pigs appear to be a large sow and two smaller pigs.

“This is just a guess, but I’d say that somebody had them penned up and they got loose. I just can’t see them wandering into that area,” he said.

Gibson said that it is illegal to relocate wild hogs in Georgia.

Animal control started getting calls about the swine earlier this week.

“They have been tearing up yards and damaging property,” he said.

Anna Burse lives in that neighborhood. She hasn’t seen the hogs, but she has seen the damage they’ve caused.

“They’ve torn up my yard, and a lady who lives down from me, they’ve got her yard all torn up,” she said.

Gibson said that because the swine are in a residential neighborhood animal control will try to trap them rather than shoot them.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) typically handles wild animals that are causing  problems. Gibson said animal control has talked to DNR and the state doesn’t have anyone who can trap the swine. Instead, the sheriff’s office is trying to find someone in the private sector with experience trapping feral pigs to capture them.

Gibson said anyone who sees the pigs should call 911 but they should not approach the swine because they can be dangerous.


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