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March 15, 2014

One night, two paths

He was an immigrant from India working the graveyard shift at a convenience store thousands of miles away from home.

She was a singer from Detroit trying to expand her fan base some 630 miles from home.

He will be remembered today at a funeral.

She is being held in the Whitfield County jail without bond.

Late this past Sunday night, the paths of Dayahbhai Kalidas Chaudhari and Skyy Raven-Marie Mims crossed at the Hi-Tech Fuel gas station on Airport Road.

The outcome?

He is dead. She is accused of killing him. Many unanswered questions.

Authorities have charged Mims with murdering Chaudhari during an armed robbery where she made off with money and lottery tickets. Mims stabbed Chaudhari once in the back, leaving his body in a pool of blood on the floor, his mouth and eyes duct-taped shut, officials and a witness say. She was captured in Bartow County Tuesday evening. After a brief appearance Wednesday before a magistrate judge, Mims’ scheduled bond hearing Friday was canceled at the request of her court-appointed public defender.

Authorities — local and state — have been reticent about revealing details about the murder or of the two people involved. However, witnesses, friends and acquaintances have shed light on the incident as well as the lives of Chaudhari and Mims. Investigators do not believe they knew each other.

It’s still a mystery why or how Mims, who turned 21 earlier this month, found herself at Hi-Tech Fuel, four miles from Interstate 75, late Sunday night. It’s even more unclear why she stabbed and killed Chaudhari, the 37-year-old clerk, as authorities allege.

The life of Mims

Mims attended the now-closed Kettering High School in Detroit where she played forward-center on the school basketball team in 2007 and 2008. She went to prom in 2009.

After she graduated high school, somewhere between 2010 and 2011, she attended Detroit’s Wayne State University for at least a semester, according the college’s website. It was unclear if she is still enrolled or if she stopped attending classes. Her last known address is 17300 Santa Barbara Drive in Detroit.

Mims does have a presence on the Internet, including videos of her dancing and modeling, her songs posted to music sites and profiles on several social media sites. On what is believed to be her personal website, yoskyy.com, is the tagline “God is love.”

“Rapper, songwriter, producer, model, artist, Lover, and motivator; she is a living legend waiting to be discovered,” she is described on the website.

In February of this year, she spent several weeks in Atlanta promoting her hip hop albums and visiting clubs in the metro area and nearby suburbs. Whom she was with during her time in Atlanta isn’t clear.

The sudden move to Atlanta is a mystery to Ibrahim Max, a friend of Mims, who said she was possibly there seeking a “fan base” for her music. Her Twitter profile has hundreds of tweets from the Atlanta area over much of February. On her 21st birthday — March 6 — she went to ladies night at LeBuzz in Marietta.

Johnathon Murphy, president and managing partner of the club, said she was “just a customer.”

“We played a track from her CD,” Murphy said. “She was not a scheduled entertainer, nor was she paid. None of the staff know her personally. ... I had never seen her before that evening.”

Max said Mims was a positive and outgoing person who didn’t seem capable of murder. Why she would kill someone doesn’t make sense to him, he added, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about her guilt or innocence, waiting to get more details of the incident.

“Maybe it was the people she encountered in Atlanta,” Max said. “Maybe they changed her perspective towards the way she thought she saw things. Maybe it was just life. Life has turns and not a lot of people know how to deal with those turns.”

Mims was active on social media and sent out a single word to followers on her accounts: “knowledge.” The message went out Sunday at about 10:30 p.m. Shortly after that message was sent, Chaudhari’s body was found.

Attempts to reach other friends and family members of Mims were unsuccessful.

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