March 28, 2013

Volunteers needed for Park Day

Charles Oliver

— Some of Whitfield County’s most historic sites will get a little sprucing up on Saturday, April 6.

That’s “Park Day,” an annual event sponsored by the Civil War Preservation Trust and the television channel History to draw attention to and help preserve historic sites associated with that war.

Locally, volunteers will gather at two sites at 9 a.m.: Prater’s Mill and the Dalton Confederate Cemetery.

“Bring a pair of gloves and a strong back, and we’ll put you to work,” said Marvin Sowder, who is organizing the cleanup of the Confederate Cemetery.

“We’ll have plenty of water. We’ve got T-shirts from the History channel, and if anyone is interested, we’ll have a little presentation on the cemetery and its history,” Sowder said. “We’ll be sprucing up the cemetery, raking leaves and picking up dead limbs that have fallen from the trees.”

Sowder said they also expect to have an expert on hand to guide volunteers on straightening any of the headstones that need it.

At Prater’s Mill, volunteers will be cutting privet hedge, raking leaves, picking up limbs and debris, and painting buildings.