April 4, 2013

Custom made outhouse for sale

Charles Oliver

— Drivers may have noticed the crescent shape as they drove south on Glenwood Avenue.

But that’s not a moon hanging low over Dalton. It’s an outhouse standing just off the busy street at Home and Farm Supply. Owner Jim Hannah says it was commissioned by a woman who never picked it up.

“During a storm my sign blew down, and she wanted it made out of that old rough siding so it looked old, and she had to have this old metal that came off of my shed so that looked old, too,” he said.

He said carpenter Nate Thomas worked on the structure for a week, and the woman even came to take some photos of it but never picked it up. It has plenty of room, a bolt on the door, ventilation, and a look inside shows it’s already equipped with a catalog.

Nearby stands a smaller metal building that looks like an outhouse.

“But there’s nothing inside that. We’ve sold a few of those. People put them over their wells or put them in their backyards and store tools in them,” Hannah said.

So far, however, the real outhouse remains unsold. Hannah’s asking $350.

“I don’t know. I might take it home. I like it,” he said.