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April 8, 2013

Coroner Bobbie Dixon has shown her concern for families in aftermath of death for 20 years


Her one true love

Bobbie met her future husband when she was just a child.

“He used to ride by my house on a bicycle when we were 7 or 8 years old,” she recalls. “They were our neighbors and lived about a mile from my house. He’d slip off and ride by my house on his bike. We went to school together. We were just always together. We always worked together.”

She remembers that he used to sit behind her in class and “kick my seat,” she says with a chuckle.

Their first date was at the old Martin Theater in downtown Calhoun. “We dated almost a year before we got engaged, and then we got married on Groundhog Day,” she said. At least that bad day in 1966 had a silver lining since it was their anniversary.

Their union lasted a little over 50 years, through good times and bad, until Donald died in July 2007.

“Fifty years … loved every one of ’em,” she says. “He was the only guy I ever went with, and I was the only girl he ever went with. We were just together all the time. That was the love of my life. He was a sweetheart.”

She cherishes the memories, including one shortly after his funeral.

“I’ve always fed cats at the old church behind my office,” Dixon says. “I had been trying to catch this one kitten ever since it came up there but couldn’t catch him. Well, we were going to the cemetery to see the flowers after his funeral, and that kitten came up to me and just sat at my feet and looked up at me. I reached down and picked it up and it laid up on my shoulder and slept the whole time we went to the cemetery till we got back home and I woke it up to feed it. I’ve still got that cat. I said, Donald sent me that cat. You can rub his back now, and if you rub it one way, it makes a perfect angel on his back.”

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