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April 22, 2013

Murray officials sign ethics policy



Policy excerpts

• “... Officials shall adhere to ethical standards that eliminate disappointment borne of dishonesty, conflicts of interest, unfairness or illegality. Preservation of public trust is critical for the preservation of democracy.”

• “Treating others as you would have them to treat you is always a good ethical test.”

• “Elected officials must not be involved in discussing or deciding any issue over which they have jurisdiction which will impact themselves or a family member, financially.”

• “Elected officials are prohibited from receiving anything of value or any compensation other than their normal salary for any services rendered in connection with that person’s duties with the county.”

• “... Elected officials must disclose in writing to the county clerk all gifts, benefits or favors received from people with a financial interest in business before the county or which may come before the county that relate to professional or collegiate sports, athletic, entertainment activities or tickets or anything with a value of $75 or more ... All disclosures shall be kept for public record in the County Clerk’s office.”

• “No relative of an elected official may be hired in the department for which said official is elected.”

• “Harassment of any sort ... is considered a violation of the Code of Ethics.”

Source: Murray County’s Ethics Policy for Elected Officials


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