August 16, 2013

Judge tosses sexual harassment complaint against Cochran

From Staff Reports

— A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit that three former Murray County employees who worked for former chief magistrate Bryant Cochran filed against him alleging they were in a hostile work environment under his authority.

Judge Harold Murphy in Rome issued the ruling on Thursday. While he dismissed the claims by the three individuals — Virginia Rector, Sonya Petty and Yesenia Galvin — against Cochran, the judge’s ruling allows an amended claim to be brought against Murray County government.

The decision upheld Magistrate Judge Walter E. Johnson’s earlier preliminary recommendation.

Cochran has also faced multiple allegations and another lawsuit in what some say was a far-reaching scheme in which he used law enforcement officers to have a woman who refused to be his mistress arrested on trumped up drug charges. Through his attorneys, Cochran has repeatedly denied those allegations.

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