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September 13, 2013

Juveniles arrested in alleged crime spree


Three members of the group are also charged with criminal trespass for attempting to enter the Compassion House on Hill Road through a window one evening. The subjects fled when an alarm was activated. During their crime spree one of the juveniles was arrested for some of the thefts and placed out at the Regional Youth Detention Center. He was released the next week to return to school. Upon returning to school he was discovered stealing an iPad from the school. He has been charged with this theft also.

Some of the group first came under suspicion when one of the cars stolen from M&D was involved in an accident on Aug. 17 around 1 a.m. on Pleasant Grove Drive. The occupants from the vehicle fled on foot. A deputy later located part of the group walking in the area. The investigation is ongoing to try and identify all the criminal activity these individuals have been involved in.  



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