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September 15, 2013

Restaurant report card — Whitfield County


La Michoacana 100% Natural No. 2, 307 Smith Industrial Blvd., Suite A-1

Current score: 87

Current grade: B

Previous score: 80

Previous grade: B

Comments: Sanitizer in bucket was nonexistent. Chlorine with cloth bucket must remain at 100 ppm to sanitize cloths before reusing them. Cheese and ham were found out of temperature from having lid open during lunch hour and had just been put in cooler to defrost. Cooler settings were changed to cool food rapidly to 41 degrees or lower. Place ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food in working cooler while the other is on defrost.

Dairy Queen, 937 Market St.

Current score: 84

Current grade: B

Previous score: 97

Previous grade: A

Comments: Milk at 50 degrees. Hold potentially hazardous food cold at 41 degrees or lower. Discarded. Corrected on site. Shelves are damaged. Replace damaged shelves. Opened can in cooler. Do not refrigerate opened cans. Freezer top broken. Replace top. Hot handle missing on back hand sink. Flies and gnats. Drive-thru window is not closing completely on its own. Repair window. Must be fully self-closing.

FamGablam, 407 Sheridan Ave.

Current score: 81

Current grade: B

Previous score: 92

Previous grade: A

Comments: Butter at 51 degrees, bacon at 51 degrees. Hold potentially hazardous food cold at 41 degrees or lower. Corrected on site. Put prep/open date and use-by date on all potentially hazardous food that is ready to eat. Day one is prep day. Discard out-of-date items. Corrected on site. Hot handle of three-compartment sink is stripped out. Repair handle. Ansul system is out of date. Ceiling leaks.


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