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November 4, 2013

Same street, same path for Dalton lawyers

Miles passes gavel to Tuggle to chair section of State Bar



Miles saw Joseph Tuggle at their annual institute, a convention for family law attorneys, often.

“I remember I was at institute and all of a sudden Jonathan was practicing family law, and he was there,” she said. “That was the first time I had seen Jonathan in years. After that we continued to work together. I was on the executive committee for the Family Law Section of the state bar. We both help each other. The good part is that we both seek others’ input on things involving cases and how to best run the Family Law Section. I feel like we have a common bond both being from Dalton, I think that’s very special.”

Jonathan Tuggle said he knew Miles had become an attorney, but nothing else about her.

“We just sort of gravitated to each other based on our history,” he said. “We both worked our way through the ranks. It just so happened that I came right after Kelly (as chair.) Because we were both officers at the same time, we worked closely together at bar meetings and section meetings. Kelly is such a delightful person. It was through a culmination of all that we reconnected. I was fortunate to get into leadership positions. To follow Kelly was sort of a small world reminder.”

Tuggle said it is hard to follow Miles because she set such a high standard for the position.

“Kelly did a tremendous job,” he said. “She was always pushing the section to new heights, creating new programs, representing the section in different ways. She worked tirelessly. To know Kelly is to love Kelly. She’s a great lawyer. When you have a case with Kelly, as my dad would say, you better bring your lunch pail. She’ll outwork you. She’s tough. She’s an upbeat and friendly person. You can’t help but love working with somebody like that. Every day she is a pleasure. She’s also set a very good example and created a good model for me to follow.”

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