August 28, 2012

Garmley: Murray officers should 'come forward'

Submitted by McCracken Poston

— The Murray County woman who first accused former Magistrate Court Judge Bryant Cochran of improprieties and who was arrested for possession of methamphetamine on the eve of Cochran’s resignation is asking through her attorney that all of the employees of the Murray County Sheriff’s Office come forward with any and all information regarding the conspiracy to plant drugs on her car.

Through her attorney, McCracken Poston, Angela Garmley is asking that Murray County officers uphold their oaths of office to help quickly solve the question of how widespread the conspiracy was to plant drugs on her car in an attempt to discredit her in her complaints against Judge Cochran.

“It is obvious now that Angela Garmley was set up and some illegal substance was planted on her vehicle,” Poston said. “It is now apparent that the young officer who arrested Angela Garmley was not being truthful in his extremely detailed incident report.”

McCracken Poston has called for all state post-certified officers of the law to live up to the oaths of their office and come forward to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation with any and all information on their fellow officers and perhaps their own involvement in the controversy. “Most of the information we have passed along to the GBI has been from ordinary citizens,” said Poston, “and while it is perhaps unusual for the targets of an investigation to be officers of the law, these are public servants who owe us a duty of shooting straight — and it is time for any and all sworn law enforcement officers to come forward and give truthful information to the GBI.”

Poston added: “If we can’t trust them to do the right thing now and come forward with what they know, how can we ever trust them ever again to fairly enforce the law?”