September 2, 2013

Problem resolved, Dalton Middle to open doors again today

From Staff Reports

— The electrical power issues that closed Dalton Middle School early on Friday have been resolved and students and staff will return today.

Diagnostics by Dalton Public Schools operations staff and electrical contractors determined that the main switch and power distribution system were fully operational on Friday. A fail-safe circuit breaker within the main switch was tripped as designed.

“The main switch includes a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that shuts down the system if faults above a set amperage occur,” said Rusty Lount, Dalton Public Schools director of operations. “The GFCI operates similar to a GFCI outlet found in most residential bathrooms, but on a much larger scale.

“The GFCI operated as designed and shut down the power system when it detected grounding issues,” he said.

Over the weekend the power distribution system was reviewed and tested by a certified electrical system diagnostician and verified to be safe and fully operational.

The school system’s maintenance staff will be at the school today to monitor school startup.