November 17, 2012

Father: Not enough

Judge sentences man to four years on child sex offenses

Rachel Brown

— The father of a girl who was sexually molested in January is outraged that the man who pleaded guilty to the crime wasn’t given more time in prison.

Roy Floyd Johnson Jr., who was 38 and living at 810 N. Selvidge St., Apt. 13, Dalton, when he was arrested in January, pleaded guilty on Friday before Judge David Blevins in Whitfield County Superior Court to two counts of sexual battery against a minor under 16 years old. Johnson was accused of sexually molesting the girl during a Narcotics Anonymous support group meeting she attended with her parents.

The maximum penalty for each felony offense is five years in prison. District Attorney Bert Poston said his office recommended Johnson serve seven years in prison and three on probation, but the judge opted to give a lighter sentence — four years in prison and six on probation.

“I think seven years wasn’t enough in my point of view,” Benjamin Dunagan, the father of the girl, said. “If the judge had a daughter like that, I don’t think he would be saying seven years is too much.”

Dunagan said his daughter is still having a hard time with what happened.

Poston said his office can make sentence recommendations, but the decision is “entirely up to the judge.”

Johnson’s attorney, Michael Corbin, was out of the office Friday afternoon, and Blevins couldn’t immediately be reached.