June 19, 2013

‘I’ve got to protect myself somehow’

Victim was on 911 call

Rachel Brown

— A man police say was murdered when his attacker ran over him in his yard with a pickup truck told a 911 operator the offender broke in his house and began threatening him.

Upset over something regarding his ex-girlfriend, Frank Scott Bozzie, the accused murderer, went to a house where the woman was staying on Gay Street and ran over the man who lived there, killing him, according to officials with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office.

Horace Richard “Ricky” Morgan, 54, of 504 Gay St., was on the phone with a 911 operator at some point after Bozzie arrived at his home early on June 10, officials said. He told the operator to send a police car, saying that a man is in his house and has rammed his car.

“This guy come in here, raising cane and everything, broke into my damn house, started knocking the dog out of me ...” Morgan can be heard on the 911 call. When the operator asks what the incident is about, Morgan says it’s “over a girl.”

Bozzie, 47, of 807 W. Crawford St., was charged the same day with murder, aggravated assault, battery, first degree criminal damage to property and reckless driving. A Superior Court judge denied bond, saying Bozzie has a history of violent behavior dating to when he lived in California.

Sheriff’s officials have declined to discuss details about why Bozzie was angry with the woman and why he ran over Morgan.

On the 911 call, Morgan can be heard telling someone to give him “that (expletive) bat.” Later in the conversation, the operator, apparently thinking Morgan had the bat, asks, “Do you still have your ball bat?”

“No, sir. I didn’t have nothing,” he replies. Witnesses earlier in the day reported seeing Bozzie chase the woman’s new boyfriend with a bat in the parking lot at McDonald’s on Walnut Avenue across from Walmart. Witnesses also reported Bozzie ran his truck into a van the woman and her new boyfriend were inside before he chased the boyfriend off and began hitting the woman in the face. Minutes later, Bozzie drove to Morgan’s house on Gay Street.

On the 911 call, Morgan says anxiously, “Here he comes, threatening again!”

The operator tells him to tell the person that he’s calling the police. Morgan doesn’t immediately respond.

“I’ve got to protect myself somehow,” Morgan says. “Here he is, officer! I’ve got to protect myself somehow!” He is heard telling someone to “Come on (expletive) you! Come on (expletive) you!” as the sound of a vehicle accelerating zips through the background.

He doesn’t speak again.

When an officer arrives, he tells a dispatcher there’s a man pinned under the truck. Soon, they call for the coroner.

In a series of 911 calls, witnesses report seeing Bozzie on foot at various locations after the incident. A sheriff’s deputy finally catches up to him on Tibbs Bridge Road at Womack Road. It’s nearly three miles from Morgan’s house, and it’s more than an hour after Morgan was run over and nearly an hour-and-a-half since the altercation at McDonald’s.