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March 8, 2007

A new day dawns for latest millionaire

When someone told Eddie Nabors they were going to buy a lottery ticket, he told them not to bother.

“I would say, ‘I got it.’” Nabors said, meaning that he had the winning ticket already.

“He said it every time,” said David Dunlap, Nabors’ brother-in-law. “But everybody does. You never think you are going to win $80 million.”

On Wednesday, Nabors did just that, splitting half of the $390 million jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery.

Nabors took the cash option, receiving a pre-tax check for $116.5 million. He is expected to take home about $80 million after taxes.

Nabors stood on the carport of his Rocky Face home Thursday, talking to reporters who lined up to meet Georgia’s latest millionaire. Nabors had the day off after he “called in rich” to his job at Mohawk Industries, where he had worked for seven years as a truck driver.

“The Today Show,” NBC’s morning news program, offered on Thursday to fly him to New York to appear live on the show this morning. The producers even had pizza delivered to his home. Nabors declined the trip to New York, but agreed to allow the show to shoot live from his home.

“I’m not impressed with New York or L.A.,” Nabors said. “I like it here.”

Nabors did not talk about buying extravagant homes or cars, but said he wanted to help his daughter get a home, pay off his sister’s house and help his mother, who he has lived with for the past few years. Nabors, 52, has another son and daughter and six grandchildren he wants to help.

That’s the kind of person Nabors is, Dunlap said.

“He’s pretty laid back,” Dunlap said. “Right now, he’s just overwhelmed with everything. He’s not extravagant.”

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