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July 12, 2007

Resaca biker jailed after fatal shooting

A Resaca man is in a Clayton County jail on an aggravated assault charge after what police say was a shootout in June between rival motorcycle gangs that left a Roberta man dead.

Police in Forest Park say James Wayne Brock Sr., of Resaca, and David Devin Lee of Bradenton, Fla., members of the Renegades Motorcycle Club, exchanged gunfire with members of the Outlaws biker gang in the parking lot of the Crazy Horse Saloon strip club on June 24.

Brock’s son, James Wayne Brock Jr., was also involved but was not charged, said Maj. Chris Matson with the Forest Park Police Department.

Brock Sr. has been in jail without bond on the aggravated assault charge since the shooting. Lee is also charged with aggravated assault. Frank Rego Vital, 44, of Roberta, a member of the Outlaws, was killed.

None of the Outlaws were arrested, Matson said. He said police only arrested the people they believed they could prove were involved in Vital’s death.

Lawrence Zimmerman, Brock Sr.’s attorney, claims his client acted in self-defense.

“It was clearly a case of self-defense,” Zimmerman said. “The Outlaws were the aggressors.”

“We know there was a physical altercation and gunfire broke out,” said Matson. “Who fired first, we don’t know. We will have to wait for a ballistics test and autopsy report to come back from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.”

Zimmerman said the Brocks and Lee were meeting for dinner when someone told them about the strip club.

“They went to have a drink and my client was not wearing any Renegades paraphernalia except a belt buckle,” Zimmerman said. “Members of the Outlaws spotted (the Brocks and Lee) at the bar.”

Zimmerman said Brock realized they had been spotted and he wanted to leave without incident. Several more Outlaws came to the bar shortly after, including Vital, Zimmerman said, citing club surveillance video that he said showed the men arriving.

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