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August 1, 2008

State law says register your vehicle in 30 days

Georgia law now requires that owners register their vehicles within 30 days of purchase. Whitfield County tax commissioner Danny Sane says he fears the change may catch people off guard and cost them money.

Sane says that for more than a decade Georgia has not required anyone purchasing a vehicle within 59 days before their birthday or after their birthday to pay taxes on it for that calendar year. That 59-day period has been changed to 30 days.

“If you buy (a vehicle) within your renewal period, which is 30 days preceding your birthday, you are exempt from ad valorem tax as long you tag and title it within 30 days of the purchase date. But if you come in on the 31st day, now you owe ad valorem tax and you owe a penalty on the tag for not having it done within 30 days,” Sane said.

Sane says the law will put pressure on dealers.

“It takes three weeks for a check to clear, and it takes them 40 days or 45 days to get a title through,” he said.

Sane says if anyone is buying a car around their birthday and has questions about the new law, they should call his office at (706) 275-7505.

For more information on the Web, go to http://www.etax.dor.ga.gov/ptd/proposedrules/GA_DOR_Emergency_Rule_560_11_7_0.30_06.pdf.

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