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June 15, 2013

Accused murderer denied bond because of ‘violent’ history

Moved to Dalton last year

As family and friends gathered for the funeral of Horace Richard “Ricky” Morgan Friday morning, Frank Scott Bozzie — the man accused of murdering Morgan — was denied bond at the Whitfield County Courthouse.

Officials with the sheriff’s office said Bozzie, 47, was arrested for killing Morgan by intentionally running him over with a pickup truck on Monday after Bozzie argued with his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. They say he rammed his truck into a vehicle the two were in at the McDonald’s on East Walnut Avenue, then went to Morgan’s house on Gay Street where the couple was staying. When Morgan, 53, told Bozzie to leave, Bozzie ran over him with the truck, they said.

Bozzie is charged with murder, aggravated assault, battery, first degree criminal damage to property and reckless driving.

It’s not the first time Bozzie has been violent, Assistant District Attorney Susan Beck told Judge Cindy Morris in Superior Court.

Bozzie has a criminal history dating back to 1988 when he lived in California, according to information provided by the District Attorney’s Office. Bozzie said in court he moved to Dalton last year hoping for a fresh start.

In 1988 and 1989, Bozzie was convicted of simple battery. In 1993, Bozzie was convicted of misdemeanor corporal injury on spouse or cohabitant and resisting a public officer. In 1996, Bozzie was convicted of felony corporal injury on spouse or cohabitant and for evading a peace officer with disregard to public safety.

Bozzie was on trial in 2002 for another felony corporal injury on spouse or cohabitant, but Beck said she was waiting for information from a California court to see if Bozzie was convicted on that charge.

“He was charged a 4-year sentence in 2006 and while he was serving that he was charged with a second felony in 2008 with another 4-year sentence,” Beck said. “When he got out of jail sometime in 2012, he moved to Dalton.”

Caitlin Pine with the Public Defender’s Office asked Morris for a “reasonable bond” because Bozzie had no recent criminal record in the state until Monday and was living on a “fixed income.”

Morris said she denied bond because of Bozzie’s “history of violent crime.”


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