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June 21, 2013

‘Her disability is no disability’

7-year-old finds a way to excel at many sports



Creating whispers

Sometimes Lexi’s fielding and shooting routines cause whispers from onlookers who don’t know her. Even her friends inquire about how she will effectively compete.

“We’ve had some people who did know her, even friends, ask how Lexi will be able to play softball,” Katie Lyon said. “I guess that was strange because this little girl and Lexi have been friends and knows Lexi does everything else. So it still puts questions in people’s minds.

“Nobody really ever says anything. They just think it. There’s more saying after they see her do it. ... There’s more of a wow factor or not expecting her to do it.”

Lexi doesn’t make any excuses for herself. If anything, she is more independent than most. She even can do “girl things,” like putting her or other people’s hair in a pony tail.

“She is very much self-taught and self-disciplined in finding a way to make things work,” Brown said. “She doesn’t want people to talk about her handicap, so to speak. It’s not like I have experience teaching someone with one hand how to shoot. She takes the stuff we tell her and makes it work for her.”

Asked if her teammates view her any differently, Lexi gave a simple “No.” And that’s all she needed to say.

“To her, it is a simple ‘No,’” Katie Lyon said. “In first grade, they had a lemonade sale. It was a wonderful thing, but her friends and my parents were there. The way she has to hold the glass, it was only filling up half way. But my mom and dad said her friends just swooped in and got right behind her and grabbed the cup and filled it up. They don’t ever think twice. They don’t miss a beat when it comes to supporting her.”

Her friend Callie said she never thinks of Lexi’s disability anymore.

“Some people ignore it and some people don’t,” she said.

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