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June 23, 2013

Whitfield County restaurant reports

Whitfield County Environmental Health conducts inspections of restaurants. The inspectors may require a re-inspection. Restaurants are required by law to post their most recent inspection permit.

The Daily Citizen lists areas where the establishments are out of compliance with the regulations. Recent restaurant scores for all six counties within the North Georgia Health District are available at www.nghd.org.

Dalton-Whitfield Senior Center, 302 Cappes St.

Current score: 99

Current grade: A

Previous score: 99

Previous grade: A

Comments: Replace torn gaskets in reach-in.

Loncheria Los Compadres, 420 Fields Ave.

Current score: 97

Current grade: A

Previous score: 81  

Previous grade: B

Comments: Buckets of limes and sacks of corn flour were observed on floor of kitchen. Foods must be kept at least 6 inches above floor to avoid contamination.

Krystal, 1909 E. Walnut Ave.

Current score: 95

Current grade: A

Previous score: 90  

Previous grade: A

Comments: Beef patties were observed in small freezer by grill, out of bag without protection from contamination. Cover all stored food for protection. Corrected on site. Test strips were available, but the containers with color code were not available for confirmation of accurate concentration of sanitizers. Order test strips from supplier ASAP. Recommend to use time for cheese held in ice bath to ensure control time if temperature were to fail.

Schlotzsky’s Deli, 1325 W. Walnut Ave.

Current score: 94

Current grade: A

Previous score: 95  

Previous grade: A

Comments: Wiping cloth solutions too weak. Corrected on site. Cabinet shelf damaged. Repair shelf. Clean hoods.

Dalton State College, 650 College Drive

Current score: 93

Current grade: A

Previous score: 74  

Previous grade: C

Comments: Chemical bottles with names rubbed out. Keep bottle clearly labeled. Employee without effective hair restraint. Wear hair restraints over entire head.

Krystal, 301 W. Waugh St.

Current score: 91

Current grade: A

Previous score: 94  

Previous grade: A

Comments: Stored pastry balls in prep cooler were observed not covered while stored. Cover all stored foods to avoid contamination. Sanitize levels in buckets and sink were recorded at 400 ppm — toxic level. Sanitizer levels when using QAT: 200 ppm for cloth buckets; 100 ppm for sanitizer sink. In-use knife was observed stored on top of equipment that held food debris. Store in-use utensils on clean, dry surfaces to avoid contamination. Knife was removed and exchanged for clean one. Surface cleaned.

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