May 5, 2014

Bar sluggings end in arrest

Rachel Brown

— Dalton Police have charged a man with striking two people with a Louisville Slugger baseball bat and swinging the bat at two others.

The charges are in connection with what witnesses say was an altercation the accused slugger started outside the Dalton Depot bar in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Osbaldo Perez, 20, of 306 Roberts Drive, Dalton, was charged Sunday by the Dalton Police Department with aggravated assault, battery and furnishing/purchasing/possession of alcohol by a minor. He was released the same day on $20,000 bond.

According to an incident report, victims and witnesses said Perez began swinging the bat at several individuals after some kind of disagreement at the Depot. The nature of the disagreement was unclear.

The report states a man involved in an initial confrontation that involved “bumping chests” with Perez left the Depot but returned a short time later to retrieve a cellphone. According to the report, when that man came back, Perez started an attack just outside the building, hitting two men on their arms and swinging at two other people whom the bat missed.

An ambulance came to the bar, but the men declined to go to the hospital. The report states there were other people who were with both Perez and the men who were hit but they were not directly involved in the confrontation.

Perez was charged in January by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office with DUI, willful obstruction of officers, an open container violation, failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to obey persons directing traffic and driving with an instructional permit only. His attorney in that case, Sam Little, declined to comment because those charges are still pending. A woman in the Clerk of Superior Court office said Perez is scheduled for a calendar call on June 9 before Judge Jack Partain to say whether he is ready to go to trial in the January case.

A phone number for Perez could not be found.