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December 23, 2012

Restaurant report card — Whitfield County


Wendy’s, 1500 W. Walnut Ave.

Current score: 76

Current grade: C

Previous score: 92

Previous grade: A

Comments: Person at grill must wash hands before handling anything else. Burger patties at 45.2 degrees, mozzarella cheese at 55 degrees. Hold potentially hazardous foods at 41 degrees or lower. Wet stacking. Must air dry containers prior to stacking. Clean floors under shelf, walk-in cooler and freezer. Flies and gnats.

Ryan’s Family Steakhouse, 819 Walnut Square Blvd.

Current score: 71

Current grade: C

Previous score: 89

Previous grade: B

Comments: Hands must be washed when re-entering kitchen and handle food. Also, before putting on new set of gloves. Person was observed not washing hands after re-entering and before putting on gloves. Observed dishwashing person touch dirty dishes then touch/handle clean dishes. Beef (walk-in) at 53 degrees, ham at 50.4 degrees and 50.8 degrees, sliced tomato at 46.4 degrees, cheesecake at 48 degrees. All potentially hazardous foods must be kept at 41 degrees or lower. Fried fish, pizza out of temperature (fish at 131.4 degrees, pizza at 131.6 degrees). Must be kept at 135 degrees or higher. Observed potentially hazardous, ready-to-eat foods not properly dated — mark, prep date and discard date. Wiping cloths were not properly stored. Adequate sanitizing strength is needed. Gloves required to be charged when switching tasks or leaving stations. Plug not in Dumpster. Floors need repair.

Ken’s Hibachi Buffet, 101 W. Walnut Ave. suite 9 (Inspected on Dec. 14)

Current score: 68

Current grade: U

Previous score: 88

Previous grade: B

Comments: Cup, personal drink, observed by clean plates. Keep food and food contact surface safe from possible contamination. Hand wash sink was very dirty with visible food residue on handles. Keep hand washing facilities clean. Food was observed in walk-in cooler and reach-in not being properly covered. Food must be covered to prevent contamination. Ice cream scoops had visible buildup residue. Plates were seen wiped with dirty cloth. Keep scoop and any utensils clean. Plates must be washed, rinsed, sanitized and air dried. Many items were found out of temperature on the cold hold device. Must be kept at 41 degrees or lower. Time as control is not being used appropriately. Time stickers have been left on buffet line for an undetermined amount of time. Change stickers every time food is placed on line (potentially hazardous foods). No stored food was observed to have use-by dates. Stored food must contain use-by date (potentially hazardous foods, ready to eat). Roach tracking powder was found in chemical room. Chemical found stored over tea urn. Chemical bottles not properly labeled. Keep chemicals properly labeled and away from food to avoid contamination. Remove track powder. Chicken found thawing in still water. Fish thawing on box. Non-approved methods of thawing observed. Thawing should be done under constant, cold running water and completely submerged. Wiping cloths sitting on countertops when not in use. Cloths must be kept in sanitizer bucket with appropriate level of sanitizer when not in use.

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