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February 3, 2013

‘Right in front of our faces’

Woman wanted for 17 years used real name to evade arrest

When Tonya Nickole “Snowy” Dice wanted not to be found, all she had to do was go back to using her real name.

It was that name, Jessica Lynn Keil, that she had been living under for at least a year in Dalton while authorities wondered where Dice, who had confessed to cleaning up a murder scene in Pennsylvania some 17 years ago, had fled, officials said.

The trail dates back to at least 1995 when officials say Keil, her then-boyfriend and another individual were on the scene when Freddie Walte Brumfield Jr., 18, was murdered in Greene Township, Pa. Officials still haven’t released all the details of the case as they have yet to charge the person who actually pulled the trigger, but news reports show investigators over the years have said Keil’s boyfriend was her pimp, and Brumfield was a known drug dealer.

For whatever reason, said Wayne Warren with the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force, the murderer took a shotgun to Brumfield’s head and pulled the trigger. His body was later discovered lying in a ditch, but authorities believe the body had been moved from the mobile home where he was killed.

The woman known then as Tonya Dice was supposed to be in court to face a drug possession charge in 1995, but after she told investigators she had cleaned up the blood at the murder scene, she disappeared and wasn’t heard from again.

Warren said the task force became involved in May 2012 and finally located Keil’s home on Glenwood Avenue in Dalton across from the American Legion where she lived with her husband, two elementary school-aged children and a baby. She was arrested on Dec. 20 of last year on charges of criminal homicide and hindering apprehension/prosecution. She waived arraignment on Wednesday, Jan. 30, meaning she initially pleaded not guilty, and she is scheduled to be back in court in April, according to news reports.

What happened before all of that is a long and tangled story.

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