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February 14, 2013

Identity theft reports under investigation

Dalton police are investigating reports that employees at the Shiroki-Georgia plant on Veterans Drive had their identities stolen.

Police department spokesman Bruce Frazier said two people reported late last week that they were having problems concerning their personal information.

One person had a credit card company tell him they were processing his request for a card he never applied for, and another person went to file income taxes and learned someone had already filed using his or her Social Security number.

Frazier said the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office has received several similar reports from employees at the company, as has the Murray County Sheriff’s Office. He said it’s not clear yet whether the identities were stolen because of a cyber theft or because of something else, such as someone physically taking employee information.

“Basically, people are kind of reporting it to the law enforcement organizations where they actually live,” Frazier said. “It seems pretty obvious at this point that the workplace being the common factor with all these people, that it’s going to have something to do with that.”

Efforts to reach someone for comment at Shiroki were unsuccessful.

The Dalton Shiroki plant manufactures automobile parts.

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