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May 21, 2013

Mountain Creek Academy: Webb says son kept her in school

Lindsay Webb says if she ever became discouraged at school she thought of her son Haydenn, now 2.

“It did get tough, and I did think about quitting. But then I’d go home and see him, and I knew I couldn’t do that,” she said. “I had to keep going and finish school for him.”

Webb, a Chatsworth native, graduates tonight from Mountain Creek Academy, though she actually finished her course work back in November.

Webb says that when she first became pregnant many people told her the baby would keep her from ever finishing high school.

“So many people told me that because I got pregnant at a young age and had a child that I wouldn’t finish school. A lot of people told me I’d messed up my life,” she said. “I wanted to prove to them that just because you have a child that doesn’t mean you can’t finish school and make something of yourself.”

Webb, 18, says since she finished her class work some of those people have since apologized to her and admitted they were wrong.

She acknowledges it was difficult juggling motherhood and school.

“It was tough to leave him at home, and it wasn’t easy finding a babysitter. But my aunt and a friend of my mom really helped me out. I couldn’t have done it without them,” she said.

She says the fact she chose to switch to Mountain Creek Academy from Murray County High School in the ninth grade helped as well.

Murray County Schools created Mountain Creek Academy in 2007 in the Old Eton School building. Mountain Creek offers smaller class sizes and more individualized instruction.

“I don’t think I would have made it this far if I hadn’t made that choice to go to Mountain Creek,” Webb said.

She said she’d recommend the school to others.

“If you like to be around a lot of other students, then you should probably choose the high school. But if you want to work by yourself, Mountain Creek is something you should consider,” she said.

“I like to work by myself, and at Mountain Creek we do a lot of work by ourselves on the computer, so that was easier for me,” she said. “It’s not as large as the high school. There are fewer students, and it seems like the teachers are closer to you and can help you more because they don’t have as many students. I know they really helped me.”

Webb starts work next week at Tandus Flooring in Dalton. But she says she is looking at going to college, possibly starting at Georgia Northwestern Technical College. She says that she might like to pursue a career in crime scene investigation.

“I watch a lot of those TV shows, and it really looks interesting,” she said.

But for now, she says she just wants to begin the next stage of her life.

“I had to grow up fast, and now I want to make a life for myself and my son,” she said.


GRADUATION: Mountain Creek Academy’s graduation ceremony is tonight at 7 at Faith Worship Center, 189 Hyden Tyler Road in Chatsworth.

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