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October 26, 2009

Heating assistance program opens on Nov. 2

The fiscal year 2010 Regular Energy Assistance Program will open on Nov. 2 with the beginning of the homebound/elderly application intake period.

Homebound households are defined as those in which every household member is confined to the home because of medical conditions or disabilities. Elderly households are defined as those in which every member is 65 years or older. If anyone in the household is under 18 and all the other household members are 65 or older, that household will meet the definition of elderly.

Low-income residents of Whitfield County who believe their household meets the definition of homebound or elderly should contact North Georgia Community Action’s Community Service Center at (706) 226-7241 beginning on Nov. 2 at 8:30 a.m.

All households participating must meet the income criteria; be responsible for paying the cost of energy for home heating directly to the supplier; and be U.S. citizens or legally admitted aliens, except for certain aliens admitted under section 210A or 245A of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

To be eligible, households must have a projected annual gross income equal to or less than $21,458 for a one-person household; $28,061 for a two-person household; $34,663 for a three-person household; $41,266 for a four-person household; $47,868 for a five-person household; $54,471 for a six-person household; $55,709 for a seven-person household; or $56,947 for a household of eight. For households with nine or more persons, add $1,238 for each additional family member.

Applicants must have proof of all income for all household members. This includes current paycheck stubs, interest income, unemployment benefits, verification of public assistance (SSI, TANF, food stamps), Social Security benefit amount, V.A. amount, child support, etc. Any household member age 18 or older who has no income will have to complete a “Declaration of Zero Income” form.

Applicants must have proof of Social Security numbers of all household members. Applicants must also provide current verification (the bill, statement, printout, etc.) from their primary home heating supplier showing the supplier’s name, the customer’s name, service address, customer’s account number (if any) and the fuel/utility type.

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