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March 15, 2013

Former professor found guilty of child sex acts


Salyer: ‘There is some level of attraction’

Salyer was arrested early in 2012 after the 8-year-old came forward with the allegations. Poston praised the work of Guay and the other officers involved. He and another officer elicited Salyer’s confession at his home in Rocky Face during the investigation and prior to his arrest after the youngest child told a forensic interviewer Salyer placed his hand in her vaginal area and moved it around.

When the two officers went to Salyer’s house in the days after that allegation, they didn’t know about the other two victims. They only questioned Salyer concerning the relative. At first, Salyer denied it and offered an excuse.

“I have not tried to do that to her, but there have been times when she hasn’t always had underwear and she likes to get on my lap, and I do pick her up, so I think contact is possible,” he said on the recording.

He said the girl was just “a little confused” about what really happened.

As the conversation went on, he said the girl sometimes sat on his lap, but that she was of the age where he felt she should no longer be doing that, and he didn’t know how to handle the matter without hurting her feelings.

At another point an officer on the tape asked Salyer if he was sexually attracted to younger kids and how he felt about the girl. Little by little, Salyer admitted he was attracted to her though he did not want to be, that he sometimes rubbed her back or legs to help her relax and that he could have “without paying attention” ventured to her crotch, that he probably touched her there on purpose at times, and that he did wrong by touching her and wanted to change.

“I’ve just been too close to her,” Salyer said on the recording. “... I want it to be a healthier relationship, and I’m really sorry...”

Salyer also said on the recording he wants help dealing with his problem, but he denies he has done anything to other children or is, for example, out to get the neighborhood kids.

“I try not to think about this topic because I don’t want to be attracted to anybody but my wife,” he says. “...I’m not going to say (the girl) is wrong about anything except I don’t remember it the way she said.”

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