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October 24, 2012

Parker faces charges in incidents from 2006

A Dalton man picked up on drug and prowling charges over the weekend is in jail without bond after police found he was also wanted in connection with the beating and robbery of a man and woman in 2006.

Frank J. Parker Jr., 35, of 106 N. Bogle St., was charged Saturday by the Dalton Police Department with armed robbery, drugs not in original container, aggravated assault, possession of a schedule 3 drug, willful obstruction of law officers and loitering/prowling.

Police department spokesman Bruce Frazier said Parker was picked up after police witnessed him looking into cars and attempted to get him to stop. According to an incident report, Parker ran and initially refused to stop.

He was wanted in connection with beating up a man and woman in 2006 after he and three other men he was with were allegedly involved in selling cocaine to the couple. The couple and the men accused each other of stealing from the other one, and the couple was beat up by Parker, according to a witness, after one of the men said they stole from him the week before.

According to police reports, the couple was covered in blood and had head injuries. They told police they were pistol whipped by some men they agreed to give a ride in return for the cocaine and that Parker was one of the primary individuals to do the beating. The woman claimed about $40 from her purse was taken.

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