October 11, 2013

Woman charged for grabbing 13-year-old’s face at football game

Rachel Brown

— A Dalton woman who was charged with battery for allegedly grabbing a teenager’s face at a football game at Harmon Field last Friday said she was trying to talk to the boy about not bullying others.

Lana Weaver Blaylock, 53, of 1702 Southmont Drive, was charged Monday by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office. Battery is a misdemeanor.

According to a Dalton Police Department report, a witness contacted authorities to report that Blaylock grabbed a 13-year-old “by the face, called him a fat pig, and made him cry.” The boy’s parents said he sustained fingernail scratches that had to be treated with a topical antibiotic. Some witnesses said Blaylock was cussing at the boy.

Blaylock said in an interview she’s the one who was mistreated in the incident, and said she has witnesses to back her up. She said she confronted the boy after getting information that he was egging on a fight that occurred earlier between two other kids and that he had bullied other kids.

Blaylock said when she confronted the boy, he butted her chest with his belly — she said he is several inches taller than she is — and was cussing under his breath. She said she then told the boy he wasn’t going to bully her, and she pushed him in the face and walked off.

She told police the 13-year-old was “bullying the other kids and that she was only getting on to him like she does the other kids,” according to the report. Blaylock said in the interview she did not mean to scratch him and was only trying to get away because she was afraid.

The officer interviewed other witnesses the Monday after the game. Blaylock said she was allowed to sign her own bond that Monday without being placed behind bars. She was released on $500 bond the same day she was booked, records show.