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October 14, 2013

Restaurant report card — Murray County


Krystal, 1123 N. Third Ave.

Current score: 90

Current grade: A

Previous score: 91

Previous grade: A

Comments: Observed foods held at 116 degrees, 128 degrees. All hot holding temps must be 135 degrees or higher. Corrected on site, warmer temperature adjusted to maintain 135 degrees or greater. Observed broken light covers in rear of store — replace.

Huddle House, 612 S. Third Ave. (Sept. 12)

Current score: 84

Current grade: B

Previous score: 98

Previous grade: A

Comments: No person observed on staff with ServSafe training at time of inspection. Need someone on staff at all times knowledgeable about cooking/cooling temps/food hazard controls. No employee health policy observed in place that would exclude or restrict ill employees. Observed dirty can opener, dirty knives, dirty waffle irons/hinges. Also, could not operate the dishwasher consistently with proper sanitizer strength. Fix all of these immediately. Also need deep clean at grill area and caulk area at dish pit. Observed dirty knives stored on wooden magnets throughout the store. Clean knives shall be stored in a manner that they can maintain cleanliness. Consider using a “daily” bin to keep clean knives. Warewashing machine is unable to deliver proper concentration of sanitizer on a consistent basis. Hire a professional to assist with this service. Dumpster area is very dirty. Please clean thoroughly.

Huddle House, 612 S. Third Ave. (Sept. 19 follow-up inspection)

Current score: 73

Current grade: C

Previous score: 84

Previous grade: B

Comments: Observed no one on staff at time of inspection trained on food safety. Observed no employee health policy in place. Observed bottled drink on prep table in back of store. Observed dirty hinges at the waffle makers. Observed dishwasher with no consistent method of delivering sanitizer at proper strength. Also observed knives stored between equipment cracks and dirty can opener. Observed no policy in place about dented or compromised cans. Have a designated area labeled for this purpose. Observed knives stored improperly between uses. They shall be kept in a sanitized location when not in use. Observed broken foot ledge in dining room and a very dirty/compromised seal out bead at wash pit area. Observed improper method of cleaning dishes at the dishwasher. Sanitizer is not being tested or delivered properly. Urinal in men’s restroom is broken and needs to be fixed. Observed dirty area at garbage Dumpster. This whole area needs to be washed thoroughly along with the block wall.

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