November 8, 2013

Beware of contaminated kerosene

Submitted by the Georgia Department of Agriculture

— Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black is warning consumers who purchased kerosene on or after Nov. 7 from the MAPCO Mart at 616 W. Nashville St. in Ringgold and the Circle K No. 6701 at 3010 Buena Vista Road in Columbus not to use the product in their kerosene heaters or lamps.

The kerosene is possibly contaminated with gasoline and has the potential to cause an explosion or fire if used in home heaters or lamps. Inspectors from the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Fuel & Measures Division discovered the contaminated products on a routine inspection of the stores.

A “stop-sale” order has been placed on the kerosene pump at both stores. The pumps will remain closed until the tank and lines have been cleaned and a new shipment has been tested and approved by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. To date, no other stations are involved.

Consumers who purchased kerosene from either store on or after Nov. 7 should refrain from using the product and return it to the store of purchase for a refund.