May 11, 2013

Double success

Twins finish business degrees at DSC, look to future

Rachel Brown

— Jared and Joshua Marlin might not do every single thing together, but they have an awful lot in common.

The twin brothers graduated from Dalton State College Friday at the trade center as the college handed out 422 diplomas. Both brothers received bachelor’s degrees in business. Both took the same classes at the same time. Both shared the same books. Both liked the same professors.

“They are terrific students and together received the award for Outstanding Student Award from the School of Business,” college spokeswoman Pam Partain said.

The Christian Heritage School graduates said they didn’t know when they started at Dalton State what they wanted to study, but once decision time came, they settled on business.

“When we first came to college we were undeclared,” Joshua said. “Because we didn’t know what we wanted to do, and we stayed that way until we had to make a decision. And then we still weren’t sure what we wanted to do, but we thought business, and then management gives you a broad range of things you can do once you’re done, so that’s why we chose it.”

Their most influential professors were Herbert Blankson and Harold Jones, they said. Both have a way of illustrating their point with stories to help students relate, they said.

The brothers said they hope to pursue their master’s degrees — they’ll decide where later — once they get jobs. They’ve both worked at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Gordon, Murray and Whitfield counties and hope to get jobs in the nonprofit sector. They’ve also volunteered at the Women’s Enrichment Center of Dalton, a private organization with a mission of providing Christian support to women in crisis pregnancies.

While they said they both share a strong faith — their father and grandfather are Baptist pastors — the brothers do have different hobbies. Joshua, the younger by four minutes, is into politics on any scale. Jared likes movies.

“My favorite movie is ‘The Dark Knight,’” Jared said. “I like comic books and ‘Lord of the Rings.’ I guess I’m kind of nerdy.”

Both men said they enjoyed attending Dalton State because the smaller class sizes made for a better learning experience.

“You got to know your professors, and you knew they really cared if you got the material and understood it,” Joshua said.

So what advice do they have for incoming and current students?

“It helps if you know what you want to do in advance because we really had to play catch-up in some sense,” Jared said. “We came in with credit from high school, otherwise we wouldn’t have graduated in four years.”

“Also, just focus,” added Joshua. “A lot of the students don’t really care, so it takes them seven or eight years to finish up college... We procrastinate but we always get it done.”