October 25, 2013

Man jailed for pointing gun at Charter workers

Rachel Brown

— A man accused of pointing a gun at two Charter employees and threatening to shoot them is out of jail on a $7,500 bond.

John Robert Garner, 49, of 1464 Wiggins Road, Dalton, was charged Tuesday by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office with aggravated assault with a gun and terroristic threats and acts.

According to an incident report, the workers were “checking on a call” at the residence. They walked up to the residence, knocked on the door, then stepped back, they told an investigator. When the door opened, a pistol was pointing at them, and the man holding it asked what they wanted, remarked that, “Y’all cut me off on the first,” and said he was going to shoot them, according to the incident report.

The report states the men said they ran back to their vehicle. When an investigator spoke with Garner, however, Garner said he saw two “suspicious-looking” men who had an unmarked truck standing around his vehicle in his yard. He said he did not know who they were, so he went to get his pistol and held it by his side as he opened the door, not pointing it at the men.

“Mr. Garner stated he told the males, ‘That’s a good way to get shot,’” according to the report.

The report states both Charter employees were in Charter uniform and had picture identification badges hanging from their belts.

Charter spokeswoman Patti Michel said the employees followed safety protocol, “which is to walk away if threatened, notify their supervisor and notify law enforcement if their life is in imminent danger.”

No one answered at a phone number listed for Garner on Thursday afternoon.