September 9, 2013

Dalton police arrest two in stabbing

From Staff Reports
The Daily Citizen

— Dalton police are still investigating a Sunday evening stabbing in which twin brothers were charged.

Bruce Walter Bender and Paul Walter Bender, both 19, of 1409 Threadmill Drive in Dalton, were arrested and charged with aggravated assault.  

The victim, Eddie Meraz, 19, came to the emergency room at Hamilton Medical Center and reported that he had been shot. According to a news release from the police department, investigators later determined Meraz had been stabbed with some kind of knife, not shot. The incident occurred shortly after midnight Sunday morning.

One of Meraz’s friends reported that a group of friends was traveling home from a wedding when they noticed a car tailgating them near Altamont Road. They later learned the car was carrying the Benders.

Meraz’s friend reported hearing gun shots, and that at one point Meraz fell out of the car. Exactly why he fell out is unclear. Meraz’s friend told investigators that when they met back up at their home, Meraz was holding his chest and told friends that he thought he had been shot.

They drove him to the hospital where they met police and identified the people in the car that had tailgated them as Bender brothers, who they knew from school and also previous disputes. Police department spokesman Bruce Frazier police spokesman couldn’t immediately say where the three went to school or provide more details on how the incident started.

He said the investigation is ongoing.