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January 14, 2010

Whitfield sheriff's office provides Web based info to citizens

The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office has implemented the “Police to Citizen” (P2C) application of its records management system.

P2C is an Internet-based application that is connected directly to the information in the sheriff office’s Records Management System and enables citizens to perform simple searches of sheriff’s office records and download reports. These interactive features also allow citizens to search for events within the agency’s jurisdiction, map the events and view reports associated with those events.

The Web site has other functions as well, including:

• A “Most Wanted” list will provide citizens a photograph and information on individuals whom local arrest warrants or arrest orders have been issued and are currently being sought by authorities.

• The “Event Search” section will display all reports or activity that has occurred in the last 24-hours. If you are looking for reports or activity that occurred on a specific date or on a specific street, you can enter the date or street and the report may be viewed and printed.

• Citizens involved in a traffic accident will be provided a case number by the deputy. The citizen or their insurance company can go to the “Crash Reports” section of the Web site and print off their accident report without having to come to the sheriff’s office.

• The “Inmate Inquiry” section will allow citizens, bondsmen and the news media to view mug shots of all inmates currently in jail, their charges and bond amounts.

P2C will be a great tool in allowing interested citizens to monitor any reported criminal activity in their neighborhood and all crimes reported to the sheriff’s office. It will also make obtaining reports much easier. Prior to implementing P2C citizens had to physically respond to the sheriff’s office during office hours to obtain a report. This technology will save fuel, time and effort for citizens since reports can be printed at any time of day or night from any location convenient to the citizen needing the report.

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