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February 10, 2013

School lunch fundraiser planned for Tuesday

Marietta Hall says she was disturbed to hear that some students at Whitfield County Schools are being given cheese sandwiches instead of a full meal.

“I know how it is to struggle. We have a problem in this country with hunger. I know there are children that the school lunch might be the only meal they get,” she said.

School policy requires that if elementary school students have five unpaid lunches and middle and high school students have three unpaid breakfasts or lunches they they will be given a cheese sandwich and milk if they can’t pay. Those who have money can pay for a full meal without having to make their account current.

School officials said they had to institute the policy because of the growing problem of students not paying for meals. At one point, the total outstanding fees for those unpaid lunches reached $73,000.

Hall is hosting a fundraiser Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Mack Gaston Community Center on Fredrick Street to pay off those unpaid lunch charges.

“It’s just like taking up an offering at church. Somebody might be able to only donate a dollar. Somebody else might be able to donate $100,” Hall said. “I want one of the local banks to set up an account and handle the money. We want to get this paid off so that every child who goes through that line can get a full meal and not be embarrassed.”

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