Murray County

February 11, 2013

Restaurant report card — Murray County


Little Caesar’s Pizza, 505 G.I. Maddox Parkway

Current score: 88

Current grade: B

Previous score: 90  

Previous grade: A

Comments: No one on staff formally trained in food safety. One person shall be trained on food safety and be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge regarding food safety. Observed several personal drinks stored around the food prep areas and in the cooler, as well as the freezer. Personal drinks shall be single service with a lid/straw and shall be stored in a manner so no food will be contaminated (corrected at the time of inspection). Observed broken paper towel dispenser at hand wash station. Paper towel roll stored on top of Mountain Dew bottles. Fix dispenser immediately. Observed dirty can opener. Clean or replace with clean can opener immediately (corrected at the time of inspection).

Four Way Drive In, Highway 225 South

Current score: 86

Current grade: B

Previous score: 88  

Previous grade: B

Comments: No certified food safety manager on staff — acquire certification. Observed several foods above 41 degrees at prep cooler. Cooler must maintain 41 degrees or cooler. Observed hole in wall. Repair hole.


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Murray County