Murray County

November 25, 2013

‘Never forget the things individuals have done’

Murray County High School recognizes long-time residents; those gone


Tom Ramsey, 1963 graduate

Most times Tom Ramsey talks, “there’s a a big tale being told and laughter going on,” said Lamar “Pete” Adams, a friend of Ramsey.

Ramsey, a 1963 graduate from Murray County High, is the kind of person who is “always willing to help in anyway he can,” Adams said.

“He’s one of the most polite people you’ve ever met,” he added. “He talks to anyone who listens and he’s learned well how to tell time.”

Ramsey joked that he was surprised to be inducted into the 2013 hall of fame because he struggled with academics during his young adulthood.

After a time in the U.S. Navy, Ramsey got his bachelor’s degree at Shorter University in Rome in 1975 and master’s degree in business administration at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro in 1984.

Then began a wide range of careers for him, ranging from college instructor to vice president of governmental affairs for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Ramsey served in the state House of Representatives for 12 years followed by two years in the state Senate from 1991 to 1993.

All those accomplishments didn’t come without “a little help,” Ramsey said.

“Thank you for the nomination and thank you for the selection,” he said. “I am honored.”

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