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February 16, 2014

In Other News, Feb. 16


California solar farm ‘scorches’ birds from sky

The mirrors of a giant Californian solar plant that will provide enough energy for 140,000 homes are “scorching” flying birds from the sky. — International Business Times.

South Africa rescue halted after trapped miners refuse to leave

Rescue operations at an old South African gold mine were stopped after police arrested 11 miners who had been hoisted out and the rest refused to come up the shaft, the Emergency Rescue 24 service said. It’s too dangerous for rescuers to go in after them, Werner Vermaak, a spokesman for the emergency service, said by phone today. The “illegal miners” had opened up old sealed shafts to dig for gold, he said. — Bloomberg

FBI talking to Pennsylvania police over accused Craigslist killer

The FBI said on Sunday it was in contact with local police in the case of Miranda Barbour, who is charged with murdering a Pennsylvania man she lured via the website Craigslist and reportedly admits to the killing and at least 22 other slayings. — Reuters

Kerry blames Syrian government for stalled peace talks

Secretary of State John Kerry issued a statement on Sunday night that blamed the Syrian government for the deadlock in peace talks but asserted that the United States remained “committed to the Geneva process.” — The New York Times

911 call from 76-year-old South Carolina man: “I just shot a man”

A 76-year-old Lincolnville, S.C. man, who shot and killed a robbery suspect outside of his home this past weekend, said this incident was not the first time he was victimized. — Live 5 News

‘Candy Swipe’ developer pens furious open letter to ‘Candy Crush’ makers

In 2010, developer Albert Ransom released Candy Swipe, a simple match three game along the lines of Bejeweled, except with candy. His mother had just passed away, and she liked those sort of games, he writes in an open letter on his website. At the time, he filed for a trademark. In 2012, King released Candy Crush Saga, another match-three game that quickly became one of the most powerful and ubiquitous presences on the app store. Now, apparently, Ransom is abandoning his game after a protracted legal battle. — Forbes


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