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January 27, 2014

In Other News, Jan. 27


A Kansas man suffered minor smoke inhalation early Friday morning when he ran back into his burning home to retrieve an Xbox, according to Olathe firefighters. — KMBC
When a smartphone user opens Angry Birds, the popular game application, and starts slinging birds at chortling green pigs, spies may be lurking in the background to snatch data revealing the player’s location, age, sex and other personal information, according to secret British intelligence documents. — The New York Times
Stephen Hawking now says light and information may be able to escape from black holes, doing an about-face on the objects that helped cement his reputation as the world’s preeminent scientist, New Scientist reports. — Fox News
Firearm injuries send about 20 U.S. children to the hospital each day, a new study reveals. The research, which was published on Jan. 27 in Pediatrics, looked at a nationally-representative sample of hospitalizations at more than 4,000 medical centers that occurred in 2009 for children and adolescents under 20 years of age. — CBS
The Syrian opposition on Monday said children as young as 2 years old remain missing in the country’s jails and state security buildings, disputing government claims that they hold no minors and casting doubt on the safety of civilians who take up an offer to flee the central city of Homs. — The Washington Post

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