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February 25, 2014

In Other News, Feb. 25

Editor’s note: “In Other News” is a list of state, national and global headlines compiled by The Daily Citizen news staff. To suggest a story, email the appropriate link to inothernews@daltoncitizen.com. The deadline is 3 p.m.

Moon struck by 'extraordinary' asteroid blast

A car-size asteroid smashed into the moon last year and left the longest-ever afterglow for a lunar impact ever seen — one big enough to be spotted by the naked eye under good viewing conditions, a Spanish astronomer said Monday. — USA Today

Parents fed toddler applesauce, milk because child didn't like solids

The parents of a Florida toddler face child neglect charges for feeding their son a diet of only applesauce and milk, police said. The Boynton Beach parents told police they fed their son, now 3 years old, milk and applesauce because he didn't "like solid food," the South Florida Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale reported Monday. — UPI

Selfies: A new way to spread head lice?

It's the classic teenage selfie pose: Three friends, heads smushed together, mugging for the camera on their rhinestone-encrusted iPhone. But could that show of head-to-head affection be a breeding ground for lice, as one news report suggested Monday? — The Chicago Tribune

Use of Tylenol in pregnancy tied to higher ADHD risk in child

Expectant mothers suffering from fever or headache may face a new dilemma when they open the medicine cabinet.

Pregnant women who take acetaminophen — best known under the brand name Tylenol — might be more likely to have a child with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a new long-term study suggests. — The Philadelphia Inquirer

What’s a bitcoin? A look at the digital currency

Early Tuesday, the world’s most established exchange for bitcoin disappeared from the Internet, sending the price of the virtual currency tumbling and prompting fears that the world’s biggest experiment in electronic cash could soon be strangled by fraud or regulation. — The Washington Post

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