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April 25, 2014

In Other News, April 25


14-year-old shot in the head was son of ‘stop snitching’ DVDs creator

Fourteen-year-old Najee Thomas was fatally shot in the head Monday night while inside his Baltimore, Md., home. He is the son of Ronnie Thomas, also known as Skinny Suge, who created the “Stop Snitching” DVDs that gained national attention. Aimed at convincing witnesses to and victims of crime not to talk to police, the first video surfaced in 2004 and was followed by a sequel in 2007. — CBS Baltimore

Florida bank robber leaves note with his name

Felipe Cruz was doubly doomed, FBI agents said, when he tried — but failed — to rob the Chase Bank in Pompano Beach. First, agents said, Cruz chose a teller who, protected by bulletproof glass, rebuffed his robbery. Second, as if it wasn’t enough to botch the stickup, he left behind a robbery note conveniently containing his name. — Bradenton Herald

University of South Florida bans students from taking selfies at graduation

In a statement to students, university officials asked that they not take selfies with the school president as they receive their diploma in May. A simple handshake will suffice, says the memo. Students have also been warned against “stepping, marching and strolling.” — My Fox Tampa Bay

Woman charged with stealing toy from child’s grave

Frieda Kay Shade turned herself in after a hidden camera caught her taking a stuffed animal from an infant’s grave in Ontario, Ohio. She says she only took the toy because she saw a dog running around the cemetery and didn’t want it to destroy the toy. The infant’s family says things have been disappearing from his grave since shortly after he was buried in 2007. — KFOR


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