December 17, 2013

Letter: Enough

How much more has to happen before people wake up and say enough already? How much more do we concede to the rapacious supercilious wave that cares not for you and what you have or believe. They destroy in the name of fairness and can get help from the politically correct cowards that have the movie makers and those that spew songs of hatred backing them up along with those in elected office that dispense that they the “rules of fairness.”

All the while the ones that claim that their rights are being infringed upon sit in silence and watch everything that they believe and everything that they own erode and say someone must do something to stop this.

I don’t care what your religious beliefs are and I don’t care if you don’t have any. I am tired of people destroying things that have been in place for years because they say they are offended by it. They are like the ones that don’t have an off switch on their radio and TV, they act like they are being forced to participate.

Look around at the acts of violence and vandalism and see what is coming to a neighborhood near you.

When you can’t use people that have some respect still in them then you encourage those that have none and since they have been led to believe that you stole that which you have then you are an easy target for their venom.

Don’t preach love from your church and run and hide when guts are needed to stop those that want you to shut up and go away. They are removing a cross from a veteran memorial in California. ESPN initially turned down a commercial during a football game for a hospital seeking help for children who will not get to be home for Christmas because it said “we celebrate the birth of Christ” in the ad. Only after a public outcry did the network relent and accept the commercial with the mention of Christ.

We could stop all this if for just one year we would say no shopping, just stay at home with your families and play games or read whatever religious material that you believe in or what ever cause that you have taken on and let’s see what happens how many bells will jingle next year.

Jerry Robinson

Rocky Face

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