January 8, 2014

Letter: Principles and ideals are vital

— In a whirlwind of media spin the nation is caught up in a tornado of controversy. The truth is somewhere between the pope and Barack Obama. I’ll let you guess which end is which.

But, the truth is not what is being sought in the current-day foray of lies, truths, egos and greedy minds. Power-wielding politicians bring the pot to a boil with an undercurrent of shadows beneath the real events that would erase much of the gains made by the underworld powers that ultimately control the purse strings. Can you say Benghazi, NSA, IRS? Don’t mention Guns Across the Border (Fast and Furious).

I’m of the opinion that many, if not most, politicians, especially in Washington, have little or no practical education in the Constitution of the United States of America. Most everything in Washington is based on the dollar value, influence and pride. Elections have become a game to “lose or win” according to the amount of money that can be raised during any given election cycle. The GOP and the Democratic Party coffers provide support for the “chosen ones” and those who are not of the Good Ol’ Boy network will suffer defeat at the hands of those who have power and resources to sway the election.

To those who aspire to a position in Washington, be aware and watch your back.

Obamacare may very well be a self-inflicted wound to the Democratic Party made by the planners of progressive liberalism specifically to produce an event capable of diverting America’s attention away from the matters that really count in upholding world events.

Our principles and ideals, not parties, nor individuals, are vital.

Lawrence Headrick

Tunnel Hill