November 22, 2013

Citizens of the Week: Lenora Johnson and J+J volunteers

The Daily Citizen
Dalton Daily Citizen

— It’s no secret Dalton was hit hard during the recent economic recession.

And it shouldn’t be too big a leap to assume several children have had to go without Christmas gifts as a result.

But at least some children, who might’ve gone without, won’t have to know what that feels like this year.

Jennifer Latour, volunteer coordinator with United Way, says that’s thanks in part to Lenora Johnson, a customer service rep with J+J Flooring Group. Johnson has been organizing a small army of co-workers with the company’s volunteer program to help United Way.

Johnson and her team has been working hard this month to wrap presents for “deserving children,” Latour said. Those presents will be given out during the holiday season to children whose families are struggling to pay for Christmas.

“She is so very helpful. A very sweet person,” she said of Johnson. “She has made all her employees come out and they are all proactive.”

Latour says the team from J+J has put in 50-plus hours of volunteer work this month, also packaging food boxes for the Salvation Army food center.

“Lenora is always willing to help. She just goes out of her way,” Latour said.

Jessica Triviño, community engagement coordinator with United Way, agrees.

“Lenora is a very passionate person when it comes to the community,” she said. “She really has a heart for United Way. She is always looking for ways to help.”

Andrea Mansfield, director of communications for United Way, said she also wanted to thank the employees of  J+J Flooring Group in general who give portions of their paychecks to United Way each month through a company program.

Mansfield said most companies have less than half their employees enroll in charity programs, while J+J Flooring Group has about 84 percent of their employees giving this year.

“That could be anywhere from $20 a paycheck to some people who are contributing $500 a month,” Mansfield said.

Johnson embodies that giving spirit, Triviño said.

“She always has a smile on her face,” she said. “And she stands behind J+J and United Way.”

For organizing volunteers and giving her time for the community, The Daily Citizen names Lenora Johnson Citizen of the Week.