June 8, 2013

Citizen of the Week: Kensli Warnix

— Three years ago, then-5-year-old Kensli Warnix decided to begin growing out her hair to eventually give to a child who because of illness had no hair.

“Kensli has always seen the children on St. Jude’s (Children’s Research Hospital) commercials and wondered why they didn’t have hair,” said her mother, Michelle Warnix. “When we explained why, she decided she wanted to donate her hair to one of those children.”

Kensli, who lives in Cohutta, told her parents she wanted to make another kid happy because she likes to see people happy.

On June 1, Kensli’s hair was finally long enough to do what she’d been planning several years earlier. Mother and now-8-year-old daughter went to Salon 71 in Dalton where stylist Cindy McCall cut 11 inches off Kensli’s hair to be given to Locks of Love, an organization that makes donated human hair into wigs for children who have no hair because of illness.

“Kensli’s dad (Tony) and I are so proud of her for wanting to do this and taking good care of her hair, so she could donate it when the time came,” Michelle Warnix said. “It’s not really the fact that she gave her hair, it’s the fact that she selflessly gave a part of herself with no hesitation to help someone else, that she knew was less fortunate, in regard to their health. We hope that this is something she will remember and how important even the smallest acts of kindness are to help others and that everything in life is not always about us, but it’s counting our blessings and learning how we can help those less fortunate.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Kensli, for demonstrating one simple but important way to give something of yourself.

For using her kind heart, The Daily Citizen names Kensli Warnix Citizen of the Week.