January 13, 2014

Reserve Hope scholarship for children of legal residents

The Daily Citizen

— Georgia legislators have headed back to Atlanta and one of the issues facing them is dealing with illegal aliens or illegal immigrants. Labeling them in any other way is just being dishonest.

The question is what to do with the children of these individuals. Most times these children are smuggled in by their parents without their consent. They enter our schools and learn our language. Many go on to graduate from high school and dream of college, joining the military or entering a trade through a tech school.

If these children can reach these goals and have no juvenile criminal record they should be recognized as Georgia citizens and should qualify for state citizen tuition levels, not nonresident rates. But we believe the Hope scholarship should not be available to them. The Hope should be reserved for the children of legal resident parents who pay documented taxes.

But until the federal government gets its act together, Georgia officials need to try to encourage these youth to stay home in Georgia and help our state grow and prosper. They have proven with their actions they want to succeed.